When a video game gives players the ability to be bad

When a video game gives players the ability to be bad, it’s difficult to ignore the temptation to break a few laws. Unfortunately, much like in the real world, that often comes with consequences. In the world of Star Citizen, criminal activity will not only put you on law enforcement’s radar, but it will also make you a target for zealous bounty hunters.

That’s not to say there aren’t remedies for your v bucks generator wrongdoings. Just as easy as you can raise your notoriety as a criminal of deep space, you can also work to reduce it. While playing Star Citizen, it’s inevitable that you’ll break a few laws. So it doesn’t completely hinder your ability to become a productive member of galactic civilization, we’ve laid out a few methods you can use to reduce your criminal rating.

They may say, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time,” but we say, “Do the crime, but know how to evade the consequences!”

What Constitutes a Crime?

As you’re enjoying the expansive world of Star Citizen, it’s actually relatively easy to get caught up in a little mischief. There are times when you might not even mean it. Maybe you’ve backed into a civilian ship or accidentally opened fire on passersby or transported contraband to score a quick buck. You could have evaded a law enforcement checkpoint or any number of things you clearly never intended to do…

What if I Break the Law?

Whatever crime you may commit, the authorities acting on v bucks generator behalf of the United Empire of Earth will be hot on your tail. The more crimes you commit, the higher your Crimestat Rating increases. When your rating gets too high, you will become an enemy of the empire, which comes with a welcome mat of firepower when you try to land at landing zones or a high value on your head for bounty hunters. If you’re captured alive by the UEE, you’ll be arrested and spend a bit of time in the Klescher Rehabilitation Facilities – unless you decide to break the law again and escape.

On the other end of the spectrum, being a known criminal isn’t all that bad. You may make some new, seedy friends that can supply you with rewarding jobs.

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