Mining with a ship is so much easier

Take to the Caves

Mining with a ship is so much easier, but if you’re without a suitable vessel, you can also mine resources in caves with just a Rucksack, Multi-tool, and Orbig Mining Attachment. Of course, purchasing these items will cost you approximately 3,850 aUEC. These can be purchased at refinery stations and merchants throughout the ‘Verse.

Tools are only one roadblock in Star Citizen. Without a ship, you’ll need some form of transport to a resource-heavy cave. Again, you’re going to have to rely on a kindly traveler in the gta 5 apk game’s chat. It’s not uncommon to find a willing person to take you to a nearby cave, so don’t be shy and ask around.

However, you’re still at the mercy of that individual’s intentions. At any point, they can turn around and kill you for the little that you have. Additionally, caves can be filled with dangerous specimens. If you die while on a mining run, you’ll lose everything, including your multi-tool and mining attachment.

Additional to scouring the caves for resources, you can take on Missing Person missions. These pop up every once in a while in the MobiGlas and offer a relatively easy way to earn aUEC.

Don’t Ignore Missions

Every so often, Star Citizen will throw missions your way. Along with Missing Person tasks, you may also find Bunker Missions pop up in your MobiGlas. These missions require you to clear out bunkers or space stations of some deadly characters.

It’s recommended that you engage these missions with other players at your side, as dying can really set you back.

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