Cyberpunk 2077 has a variety of weapons and armor to find, purchase, and loot off the cold corpses of your enemies in Night City. In RPG fashion, Cyberpunk 2077 also has full sets of gear you can throw together to knock out those side jobs in style. One such set is the legendary Corpo Suit where all pieces have been spread across the map.

Tracking them down can be a pain on your own. Thankfully, we’ve got the “How To” for you to go and collect every single part of the set. Naturally, each piece comes free v bucks generator with its own level requirement as well as perks and mods already in place.

For players who have chosen the Corpo life path and wish to look the part, this guide is for you.

The suit is also available to both of the other life paths: Street Kid and Nomad.

Collecting The Corpo Suit

The suit has a total of six different pieces, two of which being two of the same pair of glasses. To have the full suit, you’d only need to collect one pair of glasses along with the four body pieces: blazer, shirt, pants, and shoes.

Tactical Hybrid-Glass Corporate Glasses

There are two potential pairs of glasses you can recover for the outfit but you only need one. The first pair of Tactical Hybrid-Glass Corporate Glasses can be found in Santo Domingo. Travel along the winding road until you see a large sign on the side of the street. You can find it inside of the concrete area.

How to Get Corpo Suit Cyberpunk 1How to Get Corpo Suit Cyberpunk 1

How to Get Corpo Suit Cyberpunk 2How to Get Corpo Suit Cyberpunk 2

Pair number two are located in Coastview in the Pacifica region.

How to Get Corpo Suit Cyberpunk 3How to Get Corpo Suit Cyberpunk 3

You’ll have to go a bit off road, looking for bright red lights belonging to a wrecked cargo transport vehicle.

How to Get Corpo Suit Cyberpunk 4How to Get Corpo Suit Cyberpunk 4

Head around to the back of the cargo hold and you’ll find the item on a dead body inside.

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