If you’re going to make it in the ‘Verse

If you’re going to make it in the ‘Verse, you’ll need to understand every facet of what lies before you. Progressing as an active member of deep space is based on several factors, but one core element is the trade of commodities. Solidifying yourself as a trusted resource for the galaxy’s most precious commodities will boost your v bucks generator status quite rapidly – but what does that mean? What, exactly, constitutes a “commodity” in Star Citizen, and how do you go about finding them?

Since we don’t want to leave you floating aimlessly in space, unsure of where to turn for these valuable items, we’ve put together this essential guide on commodities. Below, we’ll cover the basics of what constitutes a commodity, how to find, store, and trade them.

What is a Commodity?

In Star Citizen, a commodity is any tradeable good that doesn’t have a practical function, such as armor, a weapon, or equipment. Commodities are typically resources that can be mined or scavenged throughout the ‘Verse.

Where Do I Find Them?

A keen traveler will always know where to find the best commodities to sell. When you’re out scouring the ‘Verse, you’ll want to check planet and asteroid surfaces for resources you can mine. An v bucks generator eagle-eyed traveler will be able to find high-value resources that can fetch a hefty reward.

Commodities can also be purchased from outposts and farms, though you’ll need to understand exchange rates to ensure you’re still making a worthwhile return.

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