Cyberpunk 2077 has been a massive disappointment would be putting

To say that Cyberpunk 2077 has been a massive disappointment would be putting it gently. The PC launch has been marred with technical issues, and the next-gen consoles are comparable while the current generation’s performance is so bad that it’s basically not even playable.

Following the game’s poor reception across the gta 5 mobile board since release, Cyberpunk 2077’s developer CD Projekt Red offered all customers refunds for the game. There was just one problem with that: CD Projekt Red didn’t actually talk to Microsoft or Sony about offering refunds, and so fans who bought the game were being met with denied refunds as both Microsoft and Sony pointed to their own policies on refunds as to why they were rejecting refund requests.

This unsurprisingly caused a bit of a shitstorm within not only the Cyberpunk community, but also the greater gaming community as a whole. It seems like there might finally be a consensus in terms of what’s actually acceptable for games that are shipped and sold in such a broken state.

Once the review embargo on Cyberpunk 2077 was partially lifted and PC reviews started trickling in, alarm bells started to go off. If top-of-the-line PCs with the best parts struggled to maintain even 30 FPS at high settings, what possible chance could the Xbox One and PS4 have to put out 30 FPS at lower resolutions?

It looks like Microsoft and Sony have finally realized just how much this could impact them as well, as Sony has pulled the title from its online store while offering a full refund for anyone who purchased it online. Microsoft hasn’t pulled the title from their online store, but they are offering full refunds until further notice, meaning gta 5 mobile it doesn’t matter how much time you play the game, or if you breezed through it and finished as much of it as you’re likely going to play.

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